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Yeovil Town Football Club is a professional association football club based in the town of Yeovil, Somerset, England. The team compete in the National League, the fifth tier of the English football league system. The club's home ground is Huish Park, built in 1990 on the site of an old army camp and named after their former home, Huish, itself known for its pitch, which had an 8 feet (2.4 m) sideline to sideline slope. The club's nickname "The Glovers" is a reference to the history of glove-making in the town of Yeovil, which became a centre of the industry during the 18th and 19th centuries. The club's affiliated women's team, Yeovil Town W.F.C., compete in the FA Women's National League.

An angry fan shared this review "Awful. Weather was bad, lots of fog so I didn't see half the game. Also Yeovil lost so I had to go home and tell my son why I lost my temper and got expelled"


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bg says

"Had my car failed with an extensive and expensive list. Took the car elsewhere to have the required work and another mot. Was quoted over £500, with one of the jobs for a £30 coil spring, Halfords wanted £150, had it done by another garage for £65."

N'Diyo James says

"Terrible service, had to wait over an hour to be told that I can't buy kids bike in store. Ordered online and am told that I didn't choose the option that the bike should be assembled. So I took the bike home in a box after waiting for another 1hr with a child that was so disappointed because she couldn't ride her birthday bike. Very disappointed."

jvhopwood says

"I want an MOT and full service. They do not pick up the phone: do they want the business?"

Vito Parrinello says

"Just been in Old Kent road shop, they couldn’t locate an item ready to collect. Time wasted. I had to go to look for help because employee do not talk between them. Shop is just disorganised, dirty and unattractive ( empty shelves ). It is a lack of care very rarely find in london. How can they keep shop open in this condition it’s a mystery."

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